Sunday, January 22, 2012

Was Your Nightmare Just a Dream?

Many people feel relieved when they wake up from a nightmare because they see that it was just a dream. They think that the bad dream was probably caused by their worries and fears.
They don't believe that their dreams have any meaning. Even when they believe that their dreams could have a meaning, they don't think that this meaning is decisive.
First of all, they don't believe that they can clearly understand the meaning of a dream. They believe that the meaning of dreams is basically incomprehensible and cannot be clearly defined by anyone. Or, they believe that the meaning of dreams depends on the personal opinion of the dreamers about what their dreams could possibly mean.
They try to forget their nightmare, hoping to sleep well instead of being annoyed by bad dreams in the middle of the night.
However, the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung about the meaning of dreams and their importance clearly prove to the world that all dreams contain important messages. Dreams are not images produced by chance. Dreams are images produced by the divine unconscious mind in order to send us precious messages that protect our mental health.
After continuing Jung's research and clarifying all the obscure points in his work, I concluded that the human being must obey the divine guidance in dreams because the unconscious mind works like a natural doctor and a spiritual guide. We can completely trust the unconscious wisdom, while we must be afraid of our ignorant and one-sided human conscience.
Nightmares are serious warnings that clearly reflect the invasion of your anti-conscience into your human conscience. Your anti-conscience is your wild conscience, which didn't evolve like your human conscience. It generates mental illnesses within your conscience.
Therefore, a nightmare contains important information about your mental condition.
You must translate the meaning of your nightmares according to the scientific method of dream interpretation (discovered by Carl Jung) in order to understand how you can protect your mental health and oblige your anti-conscience to abandon your human conscience. This is how you will be cured from a mental illness, or prevent a mental illness.
You can prevent a mental illness by eliminating your anti-conscience through dream therapy even before having psychological problems.
Don't feel relieved when you wake up and you discover that the dangerous situation you were in was just a dream. This dangerous situation is part of your life. The unconscious mind reflects in dreams what is happening in your brain and psyche, and what is happening to you in your daily life.
If you were facing a dangerous situation in a dream, this is because your mental stability is in danger. Or, because you will be attacked by your enemies. You are also exposed to numerous dangers that come from the outside world.
The divine unconscious mind tries to protect your sanity so that you may have the chance to evolve. Whenever you have a nightmare you must learn its meaning without wasting time, so that you may follow the guidance of the wise unconscious mind and avoid what is bad.
You can learn everything I know by following my lessons. You can also submit your dreams for a fast professional dream translation and psychotherapy, especially if you have serious problems and no time for studies.
A nightmare is an important alarm that must be respect with seriousness.
Native Americans knew how important the dream messages were, like many ancient civilizations that lived before Christ and were mentioned in the Bible. However, the absurd modern civilization doesn't let you pay attention to what doesn't belong to your material reality. You tend to follow the mindset of your historical time and disregard the importance of the meaning of dreams.
On the other hand, you don't like to pay attention to what is bad. The narrow-minded concepts of the current civilization try to annulate the importance of what is bad, presenting everything as if it was not really bad. They interpret what is negative in a positive way.
This is a very dangerous and foolish attempt.
If you don't want to pay attention to what is bad because you dislike realizing that you are in a dangerous situation, this means that you are immature and inconsequential. You must care about what is bad instead of following your imagination.
What is bad can only become worse in the future. You must know the dangers that are threatening you before seeing yourself trapped into a deep trap, without knowing how to get out of there and be free.
A nightmare is making you a big favor. Don't blame the unconscious mind because you must be alarmed instead of peacefully sleeping all night.
A nightmare is always trying to open your eyes and make you pay attention to various dangers you cannot see. Your anti-conscience can destroy your human conscience and make you lose your mind forever. When it invades your human conscience you start having abnormal behavior and doing absurd things that put you in trouble.
Your enemies can make you follow their plans through many hidden conspiracies against you. You must know what is happening to you behind your back.
The divine unconscious mind sends you nightmares in order to help you avoid being in the horrible situations of your dreams, in your daily life.
Your dreams talk about you and your life. They contain protective messages that help you eliminate what is bad from your brain and psyche, and from your life.
The unconscious mind is a perfect psychotherapist and an excellent spiritual guide. The unconscious mind is God's mind.
You must be grateful because thanks to God's wisdom and sanctity you receive important warnings in dreams, which try to help you preserve your sanity, and protect yourself from the cruel world.
A nightmare will help you understand your mistakes. If you knew that you were making mistakes, of course you wouldn't act this way. You'll see how much the various absurd tendencies you have inherited into your anti-conscience influence your decisions.
You will also understand what you have to do in order to avoid your anti-conscience's attacks, and invisible outside dangers. Thanks to a nightmare you'll stop preparing your grave.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cultural Alienation and Religions

The myths underlying our culture and underlying our common sense have not taught us to feel identical with the universe, but only parts of it, only in it, only confronting it - aliens. -Alan Watts, a British philosopher, writer, and speaker.
Cultural alienation is to devalue one's own culture and cultural identity. It is to abandon one's own culture, cultural background and cultural identity. An alienated individual thus invests little or no value to them. And instead, he values the new host culture he has adapted as his own.
In the level of societies, cultural alienation in a mass is manifested by a weak sense of cultural identity, placing more value to other cultures while devaluing their own.
Religions are cultures. They give identities. They give values, rituals and religiously accepted behavior. Someone who is converting to a religion abandons his host culture and devotes himself to the new one, experiencing alienation. The former culture in terms of self-identity is seen as an inferior. Hence the confessions of newly converted religious practitioners over the life they have lived before their conversion.
The question then rises about people who abandon a religious order in life. As they too must experience the effect of the alienation, where will they go from there? This also presents an ethical- and moral dilemma, since when one converts away from a religious culture, will the remaining members of the religious order be humane enough to not enforce the sense of the loss of self-identity? Or, will they see as their task to save the converter's soul without concern over the fragile psychological state after the conversion and the loss of cultural self-identity? Will they even go to as far as to excommunicate him from his loved ones.
The history of the rise of the now dominating religious cultures is a history of destruction of other belief systems. Like in too many other occasions in our history, the culture that has been seen as a superior one has attained a sense of righteousness for imposing the superior culture to those whose culture they see as an inferior. Even Julius Caesar used this tactic by naming cultures other than his own as barbaric.
But what is the worse consequence of this line of thinking? We are focusing too much on the differences between the cultures, and in our hubris, measure the beliefs in scales of inferiority and superiority. Yet, when we look at the daily lives of any individual in any culture, outside the reality of religions or atheism, how different from each other do you think we truly are?