Thursday, March 15, 2012

There Are IQ Tests And Creativity Tests - How About Those Who Score High On Both?

The other day, I was talking to an individual who scored over 138 on the IQ test. That's a pretty smart person, and although many folks claim that they are of that intelligence level, it isn't as common as you might think. In fact, by the time you get up to 145 and 155, you're almost talking one in 1 million. Interestingly enough the same individual scored extremely high on the Torrance Test of Creativity. It isn't often when someone scores off the chart on both the IQ tests and the creativity tests.
However, it does happen that is to say those that score high on both the Stanford-Binet Test and Torrance Test of Creativity. What might a person be able to do who scored that high on both? Well, I would submit to you that they can do whatever they want, and we don't even have to tell them what to do, they are creative enough to find their own niche and run with it. All we should do is support them in whatever it is they want to do, because chances are whatever that is they will do it well, and better than anyone else might. Do you see my point?
The reason I make this statement is not in personal reflection necessarily, but rather from a think tank recruiter's point of view, as I am able to talk to brilliant creative geniuses quite often. It is truly amazing some of the innovations, ideas, and original thoughts they come up with, sometimes on a daily basis; no kidding. You might not find these individuals willing to spend an awful lot of time in academia, and you probably won't find them joining the government as a bureaucrat - although, sometimes you can, and sometimes they hide out unbeknownst to the rest of us trying to blend into the scenery of society.
Indeed, I would submit to you that it would behoove our nation to find these individuals, help them along with whatever they need, and run a little interference and block for them while they run for a touchdown. We must not be too hasty to demand that they conform to society's every whim, rather we should ask them how to transform our society to meet their objectives, unleashing armies of these types of individuals because that would truly propel the future of mankind, and keep our nation in the lead. Indeed, this is merely a thought and philosophical argument. If you'd like to discuss this at a much higher level, then shoot me an e-mail.

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